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IPQS Email Verification API

A robust email verification API can prevent invalid addresses from entering your system, spamming your inboxes, and being used to commit fraudulent activities. Whether you’re an online retailer, payment platform, or any other site that uses email as an important data point, you want to be sure the users you’re communicating with are real.

Unlike most other email verification services, IPQS’s service combines validation and reputation scoring into one package. Their advanced API identifies open proxies, residential proxies, private VPNs, and abuse connections, reducing your risk of email deliverability issues and fraud.

IPQS’s reputation score shows how likely an address is to be valid based on a variety of factors, including how often it makes legitimate purchases or engages in normal user behavior. The score also includes a number of other indicators like spoofed and disposable email addresses, which can be a red flag for fraudulent activity. The score also reveals whether an address has been associated with spam, spoofing, or other malicious activity in the past.

Another new feature available in IPQS’s IPQS email verification API is the ability to display first and last names linked to an email address, if available. While these details are not foolproof, they can provide more context about the email address and help you determine whether to keep it in your database or mark it as suspicious.

These detailed results can be used for further investigation, and the IPQS API provides a full list of data points that are included with each lookup. These can be helpful in identifying patterns of user activity that may indicate fraudulent behavior, such as device emulation or other behaviors commonly associated with payments fraud and fake accounts.

For further insight, IPQS’s API returns a summary of the IP address data including connection type (Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN), carrier, and line type) as well as an overall risk score. It also identifies inactive or disconnected phone numbers as well as disposable and virtual phone numbers that aren’t registered to any carriers in the country of origin.

The IPQS API is easy to integrate with your own application and provides fast, accurate validation of email addresses and other user data. Its API also has lower latency than most other email validation solutions, making it perfect for real-time integration on registration or checkout pages. The API can also be integrated with Proxy Detection and Address Validation to offer the most comprehensive verification solution for your business.

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