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How to Block Disposable Emails

Blocking disposable emails is a tricky issue when building an email marketing list. There are plenty of valid reasons for people to use burner or temporary addresses (and that’s okay, we’ll get to those later). But there’s also a lot of bad actors using these services to spam, scam and phish. So, when an email marketer finds they have a significant amount of disposable email addresses in their list, it can be alarming.

There are a few ways that marketers can deal with this issue, and not all of them are great. The most direct way is to simply refuse to send emails to anyone who signs up with a disposable or burner address. However, this approach may lead to a lack of new subscribers, and it can also negatively impact your reputation with email providers.

Another way is to require a real email address when someone sign ups with your website or newsletter. This can be a great way to prevent burner accounts and spammers from saturating your email lists with low-quality data.

But this approach can be counterproductive if your brand is not known enough to garner the trust of potential customers, or if the person has a good reason for wanting to use a temporary address (like they’re trying out a service and want to see if it’s something they’d like to use in the future).

In these cases, it’s important to communicate with people who have used a disposable or burner email to let them know that you value their privacy and that you’ll only send them relevant content. This will help you build trust with these users and can ultimately lead to a healthy subscriber relationship and sustainable email marketing growth.

If your business has been seeing a rise in disposable or burner emails block disposable emails, it’s worth looking into why this is happening. It could be a result of recent data breaches and the general public’s growing distrust for where their information ends up. This can cause some to rely on disposable or burner email services when signing up for a newsletter or a free trial of your product.

A quick and easy way to identify disposable email addresses in your list is to run a clean-up sweep with an email verification tool. Tools like MailerCheck can flag these one-time addresses upon list collection or as they are entered during a bulk hygiene request to help protect your email reputation and ensure you’re only sending your messages to engaged subscribers. Try MailerCheck’s free email validation service now to clean up your list and start getting more engaged responses! And, if you’re ready to take your email validation to the next level, check out our Email Verification API and get 200 free credits when you sign up. Then, you can start sending your high-quality messages to the right email addresses!

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