The History of Vellies Shoes

Vellies shoes are the most famous brand of African footwear. The shoe is made by a local artisan who uses traditional techniques from Africa. The company sources its materials from countries like Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and Mali. The company also uses fair wages and supports diverse workshops to ensure a fair working environment. Its production process is based on handicrafts using minimal machinery. This process is energy efficient and keeps employment rates high.

Vellies shoes

The name of Vellies comes from the Afrikaans word “vel” for skin. This means “field” and refers to leather. As the name suggests, vellies shoes are made from leather. This material is harvested from the skins of African animals. Then, the name “veldskoen” was added, which refers to the leather used. Today, the name has become synonymous with the brand. In the South African market, the brand’s products are available in various colors and designs.

The name “Vellies” was inspired by the indigenous African people. In fact, the word originally meant “skin” referred to leather, and the name was later changed to veld, which means “field.” Thus, the traditional Veldskoen was born. These shoes were made of leather, and the leather is sustainably sourced. As a result, the brand’s products are made from a unique combination of sustainable kudu skins, springbok hides, and Nile Perch.

The original name for Vellies is derived from the Afrikaans word for skin. The word “vel” is related to leather. The word veld meant “field”, and it was from this word that the modern version of the shoe came about. It has been known to be a favored shoe amongst the locals for generations. Its shoes are a great way to show a proud and colorful nation. The brand produces unique and affordable styles of both male and female customers.

Founded in 1963, the brand Brother Vellies was the first brand of shoes made by African artisans in South Africa. The name was adopted to reflect the diversity of cultures in the region. The company now sells sandals, slides, and booties that are made from African-inspired designs. A few of its atypically-themed designs are also available online. There are also numerous pop-up stores that carry the brand. The popularity of Brother Vellies’ footwear is not limited to the continent. It has a wide range of styles in the United States.

The company’s mission is to promote African footwear. The company aims to create a brand that is both sustainable and innovative, and is a part of South African culture. The shoes are handmade by a local artisan in South Africa and are part of the fabric of the country’s soul. The brand is also committed to preserving the art of shoemaking in Africa. This is one of the main reasons why its products are so unique and popular.

Unlike the original velskoen, Brother Vellies’ affluent clientele includes the fashion elite. Their shoes are made in Namibia, Kenya, and Namibia using traditional techniques. The products are unique and make it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds. They are unique, handcrafted and proudly South African. In addition, they have a history dating back centuries, and the brand is a part of the South African culture.

The company’s goal is to introduce traditional African footwear to the western world. Its goal is to create a brand that focuses on the creation of authentic and timeless styles of footwear. It also hopes to create a community of artisans in other countries. In this way, it can contribute to a vibrant society and create jobs. In the meantime, the company has expanded its business in several countries. During the past six years, the brand has been able to gain recognition in the fashion industry.

The brand’s name is derived from the Afrikaans word for skin. The original word, Vel, means skin. The name was changed to veld to indicate the field where the animals were hunted. From this, the traditional Veldskoen was born. The design is inspired by the nature and culture of the region. It is also made of leather. A pair of Veldskoen is a very unique piece of footwear, as it is made entirely of leather.

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