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Slashing Services are a great option for commercial or residential property owners

Block Slashing Services Geraldton

The City of Geraldton recommends slashing/mowing vacant blocks and creating firebreaks on larger properties prior to the start of the bushfire season. It is important to ensure that the slashing/mowing is completed and maintained throughout the summer to guarantee compliance with fire prevention measures.

SMS Group are able to provide the full range of land clearing and firebreak services Block Slashing Services Geraldton required for residential, broad hectares and commercial / agricultural properties in the area. Using two 1.8m extra heavy duty slashers we are able to meet the needs of all Shire locations North and South of the River, including slashing / mowing, brush cutting, tree lopping and removal of flammable materials to assist with meeting the fire break requirements.

Article courtesy of SMS Group, Geraldton.

Slashing Services are a great option for commercial or residential property owners who wish to cut back grassy areas, clear overgrowth and control the spread of weeds. A professional slashing service will use a tractor with a mounted blade or rotary cutter to cut down vegetation and eliminate unwanted growth. They will also perform a thorough weed inspection to identify any issues and provide advice on corrective measures.

The process of slashing is very effective at controlling weeds, especially when done regularly. For this reason, it’s recommended that you hire a professional for your next yard work project. They can ensure that the job is done correctly and leave your property looking pristine. In addition, a slashing company will help you save time and effort while ensuring that your property is ready for guests or events.

For properties with large acreages, slashing can be an excellent way to maintain the appearance of your land and prevent the onset of weeds. It’s an efficient method of land management and it can also be used as a fire break since cutting down long grass will help to reduce the risk of a bushfire.

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